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How to set up a new TM1 model

This short tutorial describes how to set up a new TM1 model server. Keep in mind that the way described below is intended for testing and development use. In a production environment all parameters must be evaluated and configured into much more detail.


01. Create a new folder where you want to store your new TM1 model, in this case I took “C:\TM1\TM1World”


02. Locate the location of the file “tm1s.exe” on your machine. With a default installation this will be in something like “C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1s.exe”

03. Create a desktop link from tm1s.exe


04. Change the target link of this shortcut to “C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1s.exe” -z “C:\TM1\TM1World”


05. Create a file in your model folder with the name “Tm1s.cfg”. This file will contain all model specific parameters.

There are many parameters which I will discuss possibly in a later post, but to start with the basic content of the file can be this:


Please note that I use TM1 in conjunction with Cognos BI, more on that later.

06. Now you are ready to fire up your TM1 server. Go to back to the shortcut created earlier and double-click it.


07. Now you see a pop-up window showing the server starting up. At first it should say loading. When done, you see “Running…” in the right down corner.


08. If you close this box the server will stop running, so for now just keep it minimized.

09. Now open TM1 Architect.

10. You should see your new server appearing in the TM1 Architect tree.


11. Double click the sever in the tree and login.

12. You should now be able to see the complete tree, but notice if you right click on any item you are not allowed to do anything.


13. The reason for this is that I set the paramter “IntegratedSecurityMode” on 5, this is required if you want to use Contributor (which I want). Actually you are now using the Cognos BI security. However although TM1 security can use the BI security they are not realy integrated. I manipulated the paramter but it not using the BI security yet.

14. How to work around that one, see one of my next posts.


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